Valentine White cat

Happy Valentine’s Day my friends!
I hope you’re spending your day with your sweetest Valentine!

Just look at this white long-haired vixen, isn’t she a beauty? Those green eyes stare into your soul! She’s rather unimpressed I might add.

This is Glove, my beloved kitty who has since passed. She graced me with her presence for 20 years of my life. I called her Glove, The Princess Cat because surely she was royalty, don’t you agree? Glove was a favorite model for me to photograph, so I have a lot of photos of her. Some I’ve even dressed her up a little. I’ll show those someday. Oddly, I’ve never painted her. Maybe I’ll add her to my list of things to paint.

If you’re wondering what kind of name is Glove? I named Glove from a character in the great Beatles Cartoon Movie “The Yellow Submarine”. She adopted me when I lived in Kentucky. This adorable little fluff ball had taken up residence in our shed. I found her as I opened the door, she was sitting there looking pretty on my husband’s four wheeler seat. It really was love at first site for me. And her, I’d have to say. She was always my companion, following me around wherever I went and always laid in my lap. I had another cat, Whiskey, but she was a bit neurotic. I moved Glove right in with us and she quickly stole my heart and was my favorite. I loved both, but she was special. All through the years, I’ve had many cats I’ve taken in and Glove took it in stride. She always laid claim to me. It about killed me when I lost her, she died in my arms.

Today, I have 2 kitties in my life and love them both. Mocee and JuJu. You may recall JuJu is my newest and still a kitten, she is not a year old yet. I didn’t think any kitty would take the place of Glove after she passed. JuJu, My Little Panther as I call her, has won my heart for sure. She is so affectionate and lays in my lap like Glove did. I think she may be Glove re-incarnated, ha ha… so sweet. She is easy to love.

To read more about Glove, here are links to posts about her. Here’s a bit of trivia… my very first blog post was about Glove and it was titled “Dang Cat”. Ha ha… you can read it here if you want.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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