I should say winners cause I decided to give away 3 more items because of all the sweet comments I’ve gotten. So with no further adu…

First prize is a 8×10 matted montage of my photography and short poem by my partner Gale Woolems as part of our GeeJayCreations shop called Listen to your Heart.

First prize winner is… Rebecca of Rebecca’s Rainbow Kisses

Second prize is the Celestial Series note card set you’ve already seen.

Second prize winner is… Marfi of Incipient Wings

Third prize is a handy and pretty little peel off scratch pad called Leopard Jungle, all digital art by me and painstakingly hand cut and glued by none other than yours truly. Notice these are not for sale on my Etsy Shop because they’re such a pain in the you know what. (I really want to say pain in the ass, but I’m afraid I’ll offend someone. oops.) I have some left over and may list them though. I have many different designs. And yeah, these pictures suck. It photographed them at night with a puny little lightbulb. It… what am I typing? It puts the lotion on the skin… we’ll see who gets that movie quote and a favorite line of mine cause I’m kinda twisted like that.

Third prize winner is… Sharon at My Story Art

Finally, a fourth prize is another handy dandy and pretty little peel off scratch pad with a drawing of mine called Man in the Moon for which I also have a blank inside Thank You note card with the same design in my shop. Notice the prize is just for the pad, sorry ’bout your luck.

Fourth and final prize winner is… Regi from Southern OOAKS

Congratulations to all the winners! I really hope you use and enjoy your gifts. If they’re not your thing, please feel free to re-gift it with no hard feelings 😉 Cause I’m easy like Sunday Morning.

Now my little pretties… tune in later cause as soon as I hear back from all these super duper lucky people and get their goodies mailed off I’m having another little giveaway. Let’s plan for Monday, k?

Don’t forget if you are a winner, I need to hear back from you with your address no later than Friday night at midnight (my time – central) or again… sorry ’bout your luck and I’ll be sending your goods to somebody else on Saturday.
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