I had the honor of being invited to a Winter Solstice Celebration last week when the northern hemisphere was entering into winter from fall. My friends Connie and Patti invited me along with a few friends and I was just thrilled to be part of it.

When I first got there, we all drove over to the labyrinth. There are two labyrinths in New Harmony (I think just two) the one we went to is of rose granite and is identical in design to the one in Chartes Cathedral in France, and serves a similar purpose for those who walk its paths as a meditational tool. See here for a little more info.

It was misting and fantastically foggy.

There was just an ethereal feel to the experience, it was magical. We all walked on the path at our own pace and meditated quietly as we made our way through the labyrinth. It was almost dusk so we didn’t have much time but it was enough. I took photos as the women walked and I then joined them. I had never walked this labyrinth even though I live near by.

I made a slideshow out of the photos, take a moment to enjoy it 🙂

After we came back from our meditation, we feasted on all the wonderful food that Patti and Debra had prepared for us all that day. We ate and laughed and shared stories, it was so much fun.

Winter Solstice Celebration Feast!

What a beautiful feast they had prepared for us!

eating together on the floor for Winter Solstice Celebration

Annie and Patti eating

eating together for Winter Solstice Celebration

Christy and Connie

eating together for Winter Solstice Celebration

Connie and Denise chowing down

Debra eating together on the floor for Winter Solstice Celebration

Debra enjoying her dinner, I think I got her with her mouth full… haha! Sorry Debra!

After we had our fill on the most delicious food, it was time for us to listen to Anne as she gave us a Winter Solstice Blessing and explained to us the history of this celebration of light and how it is celebrated in every culture and religion if in a slightly different way.

Anne telling us the history and reading a blessing.

Anne telling us the history and reading a blessing.

The blessing was written by Theresa O’Bryan:

May all that is good, true and beautiful be yours and those whom you love and cherish

It’s not over yet!

Patti had a plan for us to write on this Wishing Paper that her friend Debra (and now my friend!) had brought. We wrote at the top of the paper something we wanted to release from our lives, whether it was a negative trait or thinking, whatever. Then under it we wrote a positive trait or thing that we wanted to bring into our lives. This may have been the other way around but it’s been almost a week and I’ve forgotten :/

We all wrote on our intentions on the papers, we didn’t have to share them aloud. This wishing paper is so cool, you roll it up and light it on fire while it stands on these little plates for protecting whatever is underneath. They burn down and then fly up into the air!

lighting wish paper

Debra lighting her wish paper

wish paper burning wish paper burning wish paper burning

wish paper burning and floating up in the air

wish paper burning and floating up in the air

After the burning of the wishing paper was finished, we all took turns stating one thing that we felt was our “super power”. The one thing that we’re good at. It was so very reassuring to be in the company of these women. We did some deep soul searching and also helped others with what we felt their power was. Things such as positivity, kindness, being calm, patience and understanding among others.

As the evening was winding down, Patti was not quite through with us. She had laid out these angel sister dolls that she had handmade and allowed us all to pick one out that we identified with and for us to take home. Just being with these wonderful women was gift enough on this Winter Solstice, but the angels were like icing on the cake! Each angel sister had a story about her on the front and I’ll tell you mine at the end of the photos.

selecting our angels

Denise and Christy selecting their angels

Denise and Christy selecting their angels


Debra on left, me with my angel, "Tattoo"

I picked out the angel named “Tattoo”

Everyone holding our gift angels made by Patti

Everyone holding our gift angels made by Patti

holding our angels

All of us except Debra, she was taking the photo. Standing l-r: Anne, Connie, Denise, Jaime. Sitting l-r: Christy and Patti.

handmade angels by Patti Blakeman

Mine is the middle bottom 🙂

Tattoo: “Tatt”, as the girls call her, is probably the most expressive and colorful girl of the tribe. Tatt believes art is a physical manifestation of life and is meant to be worn and lived. She believes her body is a testimonial to her creative self. Tatt’s favorite saying is “art is a verb, not a noun”.

This was my first time to celebrate the Winter Solstice and I am so grateful to have been able to participate and meet new friends. It was such a calming and joyful evening. Being with wise, accepting and encouraging women was truly a highlight of my entire year. What a blessing to have met them.

Have you ever celebrated one of the solstices?

To read more about the Solstice, click here.

Standing here the old man said to me,
“Long before these crowded streets,
Here stood the Dreaming Tree.”

paintings by Jaime Haney of New Harmony, Indiana

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