Today marked the Winter Solstice here in the northern hemisphere. It’s been a cloudy, very windy and cold day. I’m glad to be cozy in my warm home with my family.

It’s been a quiet day here, the Christmas lights have twinkled silently all day long. I’ve been thinking of how this is the last day of darkening days. Tomorrow will bring the swing to where slowly we get more light each day.

Being a gardener and artist, more light is a wonderful thing. However, this year I’ve been content to live with the short days. Do you ever think about how fast the seasons change and how we seem to always be wishing for this or that regarding weather?

I do it, too. Wishing for warmer and sunny days. But not so much this year. I’m learning to live with what is.

Living with what is.

Winter Solstice has been a fun time with friends in the past, celebrating, laughing and making Winter Solstice wishes. Sometimes it comes and goes with not a mention. This year it’s been a time for quiet contemplation.

A time for slowing down and being more intentional.

What do you think of this guy? “Silent Observation” is a print of my original painting I’ve just listed in my shop seems like a perfect Winter Solstice painting. Even the title fits with this year.

white raven painting on log

“Silent Observation” *sold

I read where the full moon that is tomorrow along with today’s Winter Solstice is not a common occurrence. The next time we’ll have the winter solstice and a full moon so close to each other is 2029. That seems so far away! But knowing how fast time goes by I know it really isn’t.

paintings by New Harmony, Indiana artist Jaime Haney

some of my paintings

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