We got slammed with this last winter storm that came through last Friday. In southern Indiana we usually only get about 15 inches of snow on average for the whole year but this year we’ve already got about a foot I’d say and it snowed another inch and a half last night!

I thought these pictures were comical… check out Zoey (the dog) in each photo. She was so excited with the snow it was hilarious. Asher doesn’t hardly move but Zoey is plowing through it!

Asher and Zoey in the snow

And we’re off…

Asher and Zoey in the snow

I thought she wasn’t getting ready to take him out!

Asher and Zoey in the snow

check out her ears… reminds me of Goofy

Asher and Zoey in the snow

and she’s back on the porch in a flash… LOL

So my last art show Christmas in New Harmony turned out to be a bust. I didn’t end up going because of the weather. We had a lot of snow and the roads were all horrible. I hate missing a big show like that but I felt it was better to not to attend. I thought it was unreasonable that they didn’t reschedule the show or even cancel it but they did not. It really was not safe for people to be out. It’s not worth losing your life over a show. There were accidents all around I found out from the local news.

But I did prepare for that show like I was going (I decided Saturday morning not to attend) so I got a lot of paintings finished and now will be for sale in my shop here online. You know it’s bad when the UPS man doesn’t deliver your package. My calendars were due to be delivered last Friday and still haven’t showed up! I guess they don’t subscribe to the “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night…” creed like the U.S. Postal service. Can’t say I don’t blame them though. School was even cancelled today, so even though it shows up online tracking as scheduled for delivery today, I’m not holding my breath.

Here’s my finished painting “Patchwork Sky” framed and ready for a new home! $300 USD shipping included to the USA. UPDATE: SOLD!

Patchwork Sky - a painting of trees with vibrant colored skies

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