Aren’t these pretty flowers? I picked them from the side of the road yesterday not far from my house. They smell divine. I think they are some sort of wild phlox. They sort of smell like honeysuckle… mmmmmm

I am getting things ready for our show this Saturday and managed to list a new Mother’s Day card for Single Mom’s last night on Etsy. Printing cards and creating new images and will be matting and framing up stuff all week. I really wanted to have time to do a few more painted pots because I really enjoy painting them and think the show arena will be a better venue for the pots as apposed to Etsy because the shipping has to be so high. But I’m not sure I have enough time. I fear we are going to get rain on Saturday and that is a bummer. We’ve had an extremely dry April and now this weekend of all weekends, it might make up for it. 🙁

Gale has come up with two more Mother’s Day poems, so I’ll be making two more designs for sure. They are really sweet writings and I know they will be well received. Our stuff seems to be really liked in person, I guess people just can’t understand how it will look in person when they see it on Etsy. We’re not doing so well on Etsy.
Here is our Vietnam Soldier montage that I think turned out pretty nice. I am hoping to get it photographed today and possibly listed for Etsy by bedtime tonight. I think it will do well at the show. We are offering 2 versions, one will be like shown here and the other will be offered customized to have a soldier’s photo and name and dates on it in the right hand corner. There is also a monument of our version of the “wall” in Evansville on the customized version.
Have a great day everyone!
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