No, it’s not been a fun last 5 days here in our house. Asher has been sick. Really sick. This is what my vanity looks like. Poor little guy has got a nasty virus and a double ear infection. He’s been coughing his head off, puking, snotting, running a high fever and just plain miserable. So all you mother’s out there know, I’m miserable too. To make matters worse, we are on Spring Break this week. I’m hoping he will recover quickly but if today is a sign of fast recovery, we are in for the long haul.

It’s just beautiful outside, too. Poor little guy doesn’t even want to play his video games (!). Just sit on the couch and watch Imagination Movers over and over. I’ve been nursemaid and am exhausted. I’ve washed more sheets and jammies in the last few days than I have in a month. All the while trying really really hard not to get sick myself.

Another thing he does is hold the cats if they come within grabbling distance. They’re the only thing that puts a sparkle in his sick eyes. Thank God for them. They will sleep with him a lot while he’s on the couch. He little ears are so clogged up that he has to wear these headphones to hear the show even though the volume is turned up. He does have little bursts of energy here and there but then they are followed by feeling very bad and usually a higher fever. Must be the meds wearing off.

I’ve no time to go create something so I have nothing to share right now. Our Sisterhood of the Traveling Sketchbooks is about to get underway in April. We are all very excited. I know I am, I just need to get a pencil, pen or marker in these hands!

Everyone please send well wishes to Asher! I hope to have better news soon 🙂 OH and did you see that fabulous moon last night? Gorgeous.
Happy Spring everyone!
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