The very first thing I want to say is Welcome to my new friends! I feel so loved. I’m so glad you decided to follow along my crazy blog. Please chime in and often 🙂 I love to hear people’s thoughts and opinions! 
Well, I know those of you who are participating in OWOH are busier than a cat covering up crap on a marble floor! Cause I am!! First of all, I am proud to say I got listed as #29 in the blog list. I told you all I was a night owl. I stayed up till 2am my time to send that link. Second of all, this being my first time around for the owoh thing, I am just amazed at all the nice comments and sweet gestures made by everyone. If there are this many nice people out there, why the heck is everybody fighting all the time for?
I am a little embarrassed about my post for owoh. I think I took it to heart a little too much. Holy Cow! I wrote a dang book about myself, didn’t I? I should’ve done some research first to see how much people were posting. I’ll bet people see my post and groan… haha
Just a quick review here of a movie my hubby and I saw this weekend. It was “The Fighter” with Mark Walberg. What a great movie. Very entertaining and it’s based on a true story. Brought back memories for me. I remember my dad and I watching HBO Boxing on Saturday nights. It’s really the only sport I like. All the music through the movie, I knew well. It kinda made me feel old… haha
Have fun reading all the jizillion posts, I’m back at it.

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