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I had to share my treasures I found at yard sales last weekend. Now I’ve got the bug for yard sales again, to my husbands dismay… I came home with my van loaded. I went out with a mission to find things to help organize my art studio and I found quite a few things that will do nicely. I think the most I paid for anything was 5 bucks. Yeee ha!

Enjoy 🙂

A vignette of some of my pretties
A close up of a pretty roses dish. I love dishes with these romantic roses on them
I loved the lines of this tin candle holder (I think it’s tin b/c its very light weight, not sure)
Pretty glass candy dish… it sparkles!
A sweet child’s book of poems
Close up of wall hanging drawers that have a place to write contents on the pull, and a pretty frame
Little white organizer with a place to show off some photos

Now peek into my soon to be used new studio room for the big stuff like this great chair I got for $2
I’m thinking of painting this chair antique white to lighten it up in that room. Ample room for my tush.
Now for the big storage solution for $5! Will look tons better with that antiquey looking white paint.
The bookcase pulls out like a secretary. I think this is a home made job. It’s a little rough but will look good painted.
One last picture of happiness…

Make it a terrific day!
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Sharing is caring!

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